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Firefly Online - ASK ANYTHING


Hey Browncoats!

A friend of mine has an interview with the creators of Firefly Online on Friday, Oct. 10th at 3:00 PM and he has asked for questions from FYF to ask! So if you have any questions about FFO, please submit them here before 2:30 PM EST and I will pass them along to be asked in an exclusive interview!

The FFO panel was earlier today - I will post a full write-up once NYCC is over :-) it looks FANTASTIC!

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“The infirmary, the blue room. […] You understand Simon’s space is very cold. Simon, I always kept in blues and purples in a very Alliance color scheme. Because unlike Mal, with whom he’s always conflicting, he does sort of represent the Alliance, even though he’s on the run from it. He represents, you know, a kind of perfectly handsome, brilliant, well-meaning person, the thing that the Alliance is supposed to be about.”
                                                               —Joss Whedon, Serenity director’s commentary

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